The Charisma team is working to expand its network of stakeholders that decided to support the project and that will be involved in the its activites and in the achievement of the objectives. 

The selected stakeholders are companies that work hard in the filed of promotion and protection of cultural heritage from the risks that threaten it, heritage conservation institutes, associations of activists involved in the fight against climate change and many many more. Each stakeholder will have a fundamental role for the realization of the project activities: the vast experience and knowledge of the professionals involved will bring greater qualitative value to the project results.  

recto verso, an Italian excellence for restoration

Today we present you one of the stakeholders who wanted to support us in the implementation of the project’s activites: recto verso.

recto verso di Federica Delia is a conservation studio located in Rome. It is provided with all equipment and tools for the restoration of paper, book and photographic materials.

For the Charisma project, it is essential to collect the views and opinions of professionals involved in restoring the damaged cultural heritage, and integrate their knowledge into an in-depth analysis of the risks and methods of protecting works of art.

We interviewed Federica Delia, CEO and founder of recto verso, who presented us with an innovative and integrated vision of the restorer profession.


What is the mission of your Organisation and how does it support cultural heritage?  

Recto Verso is a paper, book and photograph conservation studio located in Rome. The studio aims to become a place of international encounter and exchange between professionals on the conservation and safeguard of cultural heritage, particularly of archival and library materials. 

Activities at Recto Verso include remedial conservation and restoration, designing the best solution for the minimum intervention.

Preventive conservation is another task of the studio, that is often involved with the evaluation of the state of conservation, the environmental monitoring and the choice of conservation enclosures for temporary and permanent storage.

Moreover, Recto Verso works for museums during assembling and disassembling operations of exhibitions, checking the condition of the artworks to be on display. 

What kind of initiatives related to any field of cultural heritage does your Organisation promote or is actively involved in?

Recto Verso is active in the study and development of standards and best practices for the conservation of cultural heritage.

As coordinator of ICOM Italia Committee for Conservation Federica Delia, owner of the studio, has been working with other Italian colleagues for the translation of the ICOM-CC terminology for conservation and for the production of a standard form of the condition report.

The studio also carries out independent study and research, especially on new and sustainable materials to apply for treatments, and possibly shows the results in the occasion of conferences or seminars. 

Does your Organisation policy advocate for sustainability and resilience in view of climate change? 

The conservation studio is sensitive to the topic of sustainability and resilience.

It is particularly attentive to the impact of conservation activities on the environment, such as air conditioning or cold storage systems, and it advocates actions to mitigate the climate change, also through daily heritage management and preventive conservation. 

In your opinion, what could be the main skill(s) and expertise that a Risk Manager of Cultural Heritage should have?  

In our opinion, a Risk Manager of Cultural Heritage should be aware of all natural and artificial hazards and be well trained on how to face emergency situations, on a practical and psychological perspective, and how those events can affect the cultural heritage.

He/she must have fieldwork experience and keep updated on new procedures through the available training courses.

Conservation knowledge should go along with the ability of working in a team and a leadership attitude.

The familiarity with the collections, the buildings and the surrounding territory is also of utmost importance. 

If you want to know more about recto verso, you can visit their website.

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