The Charisma project team is happy to announce that the CHARISMA Web App is now live!

The web app of the CHARISMA project has been created to support anyone who wants to learn how to carry out risk assessments for cultural heritage. The app has the main objective of representing a tool for putting into practice the theoretical notions on the issues of risk management for cultural heritage.

Get on board: request an account and learn the basics of risk management for cultural heritage!

The app

The CHARISMA Web app is specifically built to be a support tool for carrying out a risk assessment project in a cultural heritage conservation institution.

The different sections and the questions will allow you to proceed in a simple and intuitive way in your inspection of the collection you want to analyse. 

Request an account and start your inspection! You will be amazed to discover how many elements can be relevant for determining the risk levels for cultural heritage.

The sections of the app

The app is divided into several sections:


General information

This section collects basic information about the institution, such as those in charge, the type of institution and the emergency teams.

Environmental context

This section analyzes in detail the environmental context in which the building that houses the collection is located. Here, external elements that can influence the levels of risk that insist on the collection are analysed.

Building features

This part is devoted to an analysis of the building’s structures and how they can endanger the collection.

Cultural heritage

In this section the collection is analyzed in detail, to create a precise picture of the type of artworks that are kept in the building and their characteristics.

An alerting system helps you assess the risk


This section provides a basic idea of the risk levels analyzed in the structure. Depending on how you answer the questions in the checklist, different alerts will be triggered which will feed into different risk categories. Use this chart to get an initial idea of the types of risks that need to be addressed for that collection.

To register to the app, click here:

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