The Charisma partners announce the opening of a call for tenders for the creation of a digital application for the risk assessment of cultural assets as part of the Erasmus+ project.

The purpose of the application is to meet the following general needs:

  • gather information in a single repository;

  • keep track of all phase changes;

  • facilitate the printing and scanning of documents that sanction the transition from one phase to another;

  • maintain a centralized registry;

  • offer tools for notification and coordination between the various professionals who insist on the same analysis;

  • support the development of a Safety and Emergency Plan based on the collected information;

  • provide reports to the Risk Manager.

The web application takes the form of a management system accessible via the Internet, after granting access credentials, and after registration in the system database as a user with a well-defined role and therefore with profiled permissions for viewing and possibly disposition. The management system must keep track, for each investigation, of the progress of the risk assessment process, and memorize all the information that historically accumulates, as well as memorize the documentary evidence that allows the passage from one state to another of the investigation, until the drafting of the final report.

The web application must provide the user with pages with simple and intuitive graphic elements for all and only the functions relating to a single process phase, or personal data, or other functions necessary for the operation of the system.



Interested companies will be able to submit their offer by 15 July 2022 by certified email sending to the address They’ll need to attach, in addition to the economic offer, the supplier form completed and signed by the legal representative with a CV / Company presentation.

For any requests for clarification write to:

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