Project Deliverables

Analysis of the current situation

Università per Stranieri di Perugia

Skills of Risk Managers

Ustav Teoreticke a Aplikovane Mechaniky AVCR

Digital Tool

Mazzini Lab Società Benefit


Donau Universität Krems​

PR1 – Study on risk assessment and management of cultural heritage across Europe


Perform an analysis of the current situation of the job market in the cultural heritage sector, focusing on the study of the profession of Risk Manager in Europe.


Collect reliable data in order to define potential opportunities for the professional role of Risk Manager. ​

Get a comprehensive view on the cultural heritage European Market. ​


PR2 – Risk Manager’s European skills and competencies profile


Build an in-depth understanding of the types of skills should be required for a Risk Manager in the cultural heritage sector.​


Provide a list of skills for the Risk Manager, outlining the possible job opportunities he/she can have.


PR3 – Prototype of a Risk Assessment platform


Develop a web platform that can be used free of charge by trainees to practice and test their skills acquired in the field.


Define requirements and criteria for the web platform.​

Design the tool, test it, review it and officially launch it.​

PR4 – Certified Training Course for Risk Manager of Cultural Heritage


Create awareness regarding the project, spreading the word through the media / institutions.​

Reach potential talents. ​


Develop the new VET curricula looking at the future of cultural heritage risk management.​

Involve at least 50 students in the training.